The World’s Most Valuable Unicorns

We track every billion-dollar startup in the world. Our graphic visualizes the most valuable among them across geography, industry, total funding, and more.

There are 488 unicorns globally. As of August 2020, these companies are worth a combined $1,524B.

Using CB Insights data, our graphic features the most valuable unicorns by valuation, major geographical region, industry, and total funding. Clients can access these companies using the Most Valuable Unicorns Collection.

Data is as of 8/18/20. Please click to enlarge.


  • ByteDance leads in valuation at $140B, making it a hectocorn (companies valued at $100B+). TikTok, its viral video app, has been downloaded roughly 2B times. ByteDance operates more than 20 apps in total, and each is engineered for virality.
  • The healthcare and fintech spaces each sport numerous unicorns. There are 66 VC-backed unicorns in fintech worth a combined $248B, while in healthcare, there are 46 unicorns worth $116.8B in total. Q1’20 was one of the worst quarters in history for fintech unicorns, whereas healthcare startup funding has grown as investors look to back innovative healthcare solutions amid the pandemic.
  • 3 of the top 10 unicorns by valuation — including the top 2, ByteDance and transportation platform Didi Chuxing — are based in China. Deal activity in Asia rose 20% in Q2’20, compared to 9% in Europe and 3% in North America.

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