Agrizon is in the Top 10 of “Best Agritech Companies to Watch in 2022” of Tycoon Success Magazine

Agrizon the most important agritech startup in Latin America growth by 200% in 2022

Agrizon is one of the most important agritech startups based in Latin America and the United States; it was born in 2018 because of the necessity to connect farmers to the widest selection of qualified agricultural products taking into account that according to the World Bank, the GDP of agriculture in the world in 2021 represented around 4%. Now, this startup is a consolidated cross-border e-commerce platform that has operations in Ecuador, the United States, and Mexico.

Agrizon was cofounded by the Ecuadorian and American entrepreneurs Luis Fernando Hidalgo and Joaquin Paz, who have demonstrated that four years of experience are the result of good leadership based on excellent relationships with business partners, quality products, affordable prices, and a friendly platform. “The relationship and impartiality with our strategic partners, from manufacturers, retailers to producers, has led us already to have +7.000 qualified inputs for crop and seed”, explains Luis Hidalgo, Agrizon CEO.

On the other hand, global manufacturers are mainly in Europe, Asia, and America; from those places, the agro products are sent to Latin America, so Agrizon becomes a strategic partner because it optimizes the logistics chain in one place. “We will continue to provide the best costs to our users, Agrizon is a window to the world for the manufacturer who wants to sell online and for those farmers who want access to global agriculture brands,” said Hidalgo.

Some of the pillars that have made the difference in Agrizon are its excellent customer service that has allowed recurrent purchases, as well as the broadest qualified portfolio in Latin America, all in one place and with fast delivery. The growth in volume that Agrizon has reached lets the company give an essential advantage for the farmers: save money with its efficient shipping service, free advice, and competitive costs; all these features will allow their clients to be more efficient in costs per hectare. In few words, even if Agrizon maintains personalized and human touch with some clients, the online purchase process through the platform is more practical and efficient than a traditional purchase in-store”.

Connectivity in agriculture grows 19%

According to FAO, connectivity in agriculture grows 19% per year, this is an important insight to understand why it is essential to adopt digitalization in agriculture. “Some reasons are that it minimizes barriers for the new generations, and that is where credit risk analysis will come in, so the producer could have access to guaranteed inputs and credit lines that contribute to their growth, including evaluating their crops for export to new markets,” explains Hidalgo.

On the other side, an evolution for Agrizon in digitalization has been the data collected from the market, such as price trends by brand, so their users could make better decisions for their productivity because they will know which brand is more convenient for their business.

All these strategies, accompanied by the leadership of a visionary team, have allowed Agrizon growth by +200% in 2022, and in 2023 with the operations in Mexico, this growth will be higher. Agrizon has created a loyal customer base and has the vision to become the number one platform in the LATAM agribusiness industry; even though “each market is different by crop, its portfolio is similar in each country,” the expert ends.



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