Después de evidenciar un crecimiento en 2020 con la llegada de la pandemia, Bayer ha innovado en sus líneas de negocio de farmacéutica, consumo y agricultura para fortalecer su presencia en el mercado. Christian Meyer, presidente de la compañía para Colombia y la Región Andina, destacó las próximas metas e inversiones que adelantarán. ¿Cuál de […]

En los primeros nueve meses de 2021, Mercado Libre invirtió 433 millones de dólares de su capital en crecer en todos los países, eso es tres veces más que en 2020. ¿Qué vende Mercado Libre? En su sitio hay celulares, balones de futbol, pantallas y todas esas cosas que ustedes compran a distancia. ¿Pero vende […]

Bayer and grain-marketing startup Bushel have teamed up with Amazon‘s Web Services (AWS) to launch Project Carbonview – a data-based carbon measurement tool aimed at helping farmers to better assess and report the carbon footprint of their produce across the supply chain. Built on AWS, the opt-in program uses Bayer’s Climate FieldView app to collate data taken from the farm alongside […]

It’s October 15th, 2021 and my phone starts blowing up: “Did you see this!?” asks one vertical farming executive in a text. “AeroFarms’ SPAC fell through!” another journalist slides into my DMs, referencing the plan for the New Jersey-based vertical farming business to list on the Nasdaq stock exchange via a Special Purpose Acquisition Company. An hour […]

DTN writer Russ Quinn reported last week that, “Nitrogen fertilizers maintained their spot as the clear leaders as average retail fertilizer prices continued to climb higher the fourth week of November 2021, according to sellers surveyed by DTN. “Seven of the eight major fertilizers recorded considerable moves higher compared to last month. DTN designates a significant move as anything 5% or more. Mr. […]

Durante años, Amazon ha estado fletando silenciosamente buques mercantes privados, fabricando sus propios contenedores y alquilando aviones. Ahora, mientras muchos actores del retail entran en pánico por el caos de la cadena de suministro, las costosas apuestas iniciales de Amazon le están ayudando a evitar los largos tiempos de espera por espacio disponible en los […]

In the face of shortages and escalating costs for traditional inputs, is 2022 the year you turn to biological products to bridge potential gaps?. Some biological manufacturers and marketers believe that could be the case – and for multiple reasons. “Given the steady improvement and availability of biological products, overall consumer demand and increasing emphasis […]

In 2018, Marcelo Claure, COO of SoftBank Group and a native of Bolivia, realized something peculiar. The Vision Fund, SoftBank’s nearly $100 billion vehicle, was making investments in China, Southeast Asia and India, but there were no Latin America-based companies in the Japanese conglomerate’s portfolio. “We were puzzled,” said Shu Nyatta, a managing partner at SoftBank who […]

Tobi Lütke transformed the Canadian upstart into an e-commerce giant by being the anti-Bezos. How long can the formula keep working? Last February e-commerce company Shopify Inc. replaced the “Ottawa, Canada” dateline that began its press releases and earnings reports with a strange new one: “Internet, Everywhere.” The geographical shift came at the insistence of Shopify’s founder […]